Rawalpindi College of Commerce was established in 1988 to cater for the drastic national requirements for the dynamic professional graduates in the field of commerce. This period of 20 years, which certainly is not a long one, in the history of institution is full of honours and achievements. This is the fruit of the missionary zeal with which the college is being run.“Quality Education” and “Pursuit of Excellence” are the hallmarks of the Rawalpindi College of Commerce. One main goal in Education to be achieved by Students, Teachers and Administration in our college, is the supreme quality of Education which is to be attained within the milieu of National and Islamic ideals.

This vital claim stands proved when we see that the people from all the circles of society aspire to enjoy fellowship with this institution. All areas of the establishment are accorded consideration so that the College could realise the fruits of the philosophy to produce cultivated, well balanced and wholesome individuals capable of going forth into the world thoroughly equipped to face the challenges of modern living.

It is a matter of great pleasure for us that while opting for higher education of commerce, you have selected Rawalpindi College of Commerce, to achieve your objectives. The field of Business and Commerce is vast and still expanding day by day. The present government is making efforts for privatization of banks and industries. It has also provided enough incentives to Pakistani and foreign investors to establish new industries and business concerns in the country.

These steps will surely increase the employment opportunities in the field of Trade and Commerce. Properly trained manpower is necessary to handle the affairs in the modern world of competition in business. The present business concerns have already started showing preference to Commerce graduates as they are much better trained and equipped to help in solving the complicated problems of modern business.

All these business organisations not only require a Commerce graduate, but they also need the abilities of initiative, depth of knowledge of the subjects and zeal for hard work in their employees. It is we only who enjoy the proud claim to groom the youth to come forward and meet this requirement. We inculcate them with professional approach, analytic constructive thinking, and quick decision-making ability.

Thus the Commerce graduates of Rawalpindi College of Commerce have an edge over the graduates of other institutions. We assure you that your decision to join Rawalpindi College of Commerce for higher studies is very apt, which will go a long way in building a solid background in Commerce and will equip you with most appropriate qualification for your career.

  1. We arrange the educational/professional programmes circumspectly to the following ends:To produce well versed graduates equipped with problem-solving spirit through theoretical grooming at the campus and practical training at the prestigious industrial and business set-ups.
  2. To impart functional skill to the passing out graduates to, get admission in any Pakistani or foreign institution. We give them extensive education in the fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance and Computer Sciences.
  3. To train the students to flourish as dynamic businessmen.
  4. To build the character of the students through class room work, declamation contests, study & recreational tours, other literary and cultural activities. Once you are admitted to this institution we expect you to maintain the excellent traditions established by your predecessors, in circumference of character, and discipline.

We are seeking outstanding students for our prestigious institution. We sincerely hope that the years you spend at this college will be most rewarding for your thorough preparation for further career.

We wish you the excellent career.