Admission to the Intermediate and Bachelor classes are made according to the admission policy declared by the advisory council. The prevailing rules for admission are as follows:

  • Open merit – 85% of the enrollement.
  • Sports – 7% of the enrollement
  • Extra-curricular-3% of the enrollement.
  • Teacher’s Son – 1% of the enrollement.
  • Disabled -I % of the enrollement.
  • Kinship – 1% of the enrollement.

Out of 85% of the open merit 10% seats are reserved for the candidates recommended by the following personalities:

  • Chancellor, University of Punjab (Governor Punjab).
  • Vice Chancellor, University of the Punjab.
  • Chairman, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rawalpindi.
  • Patron of the College.
  • Members of the Advisory Council.


Admission to Intermediate First Year Class starts after the Declaration of the result of Secondary School (spring) Examination by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. Admission to B.Com (IT) Program starts after the declaration of the results of Intermediate and D.Com spring examinations, Candidates seeking admission should attach the following documents along with their application form which is attached at the end of the prospectus.

  • Two attested copies of Matriculation Certificate.
  • Two attested copies of Intermediate/D.Com Certificate.
  • One attested copy of character certificate by The head of Institution last attended.
  • Four photographs of I x I inch.
  • One attested copy of National Identity Card of Father/ Guardian and of the candidate himself.
  • Original Migration Certificate is required for Bachelors if passed his/her Intermediate Examination from a board outside the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab University . For Intermediate: if passed his/her Metric Examination from a different board to which the admission is taken in intermediate- BIS E Rawalpindi/FBISE Islamabad.


  • Admission is open to male/female students who fulfill the required conditions.
  • Admission will be granted on successful qualification of interview with Admission Committee.
  • Copies of the certificates and photographs will not be returned even if admission is refused.
  • Admission will be cancelled if the student fails to pay his/her dues within the prescribed time.
  • Fee and funds once paid are not refundable in any case.
  • Application form for admission must be filled by the Candidate in his/her own handwriting.

The college is strictly following the academic programme approved by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Rawalpindi/Islamabad and University of the Punjab for F.Sc, ICS, I.Com and B.Com respectively. The Education Policy of Govt. of Punjab and University of the Punjab is also adhered to. Seminars and lectures are also arranged on Islamic Learning, Pakistan Ideology, Finance & Commerce. Special visits to various reputed business & banking organisations, National Assembly Budget session, sports & extra curricular activities are part of the policy. Consequent upon the adoption of part-wise system of Intermediate Examination in accordance with notification No. S.O. (Boards) I -270/89, it is hereby notified that the following terms and conditions/rules will be enforced for w.e.f. the conduct of Part-l Examination to be conducted in 1997 and Part II Examination to be conducted in 1998.

  • Intermediate examination will be conducted in part system i.e. part-wise w.e.f, 1996 in all the Boards of the Punjab. The examination for XI class will be called Intermediate Examination Part I and for XII class, the examination will be named as Intermediate Examination Part-ll.
  • For the sake of part system examination paper (A) will be called paper I and for paper (B) the name of paper II will be used.
  • No supplementary examination will be held for Part I examination.
  • Part-l examination will contain 550 marks and likewise Part-ll examination will also consist of 550 marks.
  • The candidates taking Part-1 examination will be promoted to class XII and they will not wait for the result of their Part-1 examination. It will be the duty of the head of the Institution to eliminate every sort of hindrance in their way.
  • It will be compulsory to obtain 3396 marks in every subject for the Part-1 examination and it will also be necessary to pass the subjects carrying 300 marks. Examination in remaining subjects will be conducted with the Part-ll examination. The candidates who will fail to pass three subjects carrying 300 marks will have to repeat Part-l examination as a whole along with the Part-ll examination.
  • Examination in Part-l and in Part-ll will be held in the month of April every year.
  • For Part-l examination, only a result intimation will be issued to each candidate.They will not be entitled to any sort of certificate.\
  • The certificate to the effect of having passed the Intermediate examination will be issued on the completion of the result of the Part-l and II examination.
  • It will be necessary for a regular candidate to complete 75% of the lectures/attendances delivered for the first examination and similarly 75% lectures will be required for Part-ll examination.