Rawalpindi College of Commerce believes that female education is part and parcel for national development. It has always provided the best possible opportunities to facilitate the female students. For this purpose, girls are studying in separate sections, they wear uniforms and are always encouraged to participate in extra and co-curricular activities. Our female students have been participating regularly in PTV talk show “VISION PAKISTAN” and have been sharing their knowledge on other national forum/media like newspapers etc. The business activities and its promotion cannot be enhanced without the active participation of women folk who constitute 52% of the population of our country. Under this pressing need, the college came forward to train its female graduates in such a manner that they could easily accept challenges of modern Business Activities and play their constructive role in the nation’s economic and social life. Thus Rawalpindi College of Commerce started the classes for its girl students with a difference. A separate class room was reserved for the exclusive use of girl students so that they could study and participate in discussion and assignments without any hesitation, shyness or reservation. A separate reading room has been also reserved in the library for them so that they could study in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. It is a matter of great satisfaction for us to note that a number of our female graduates, who passed out from the Rawalpindi College of Commerce, have already been employed in different institutions and business concerns and are doing well and rendering very useful and efficient service.

In addition to it, separate study cum excursion tours are also arranged. The arrangement for the studies and extra-curricular activities of the female students have been done in such a manner that:

A. They must be able to concentrate on their studies without any hesitation in a separate class room, separate portion of library and through separate excursion trips.

B. The strict college discipline has enabled us to provide a praise worthy atmosphere for them. We are proud that the excellent trouble free environment provided to the female students is incomparable.

C. Throughout this process this fact has never been ignored that female students should receive equal opportunities of learning the text books, enhancing their general knowledge and participation in class discussion in order to become ideal citizens of our motherland.

Students performing lab work.

D. Proper monitoring the progress has developed the confidence both among the students and their parents. It has also encouraged the students to work hard.

E. Female faculty has arranged to help the female students and to create a friendly atmosphere.

F. Female common room is available for the purpose of female students for their get together and share their sentiments. extra curricular activities have G- C0-curricular activities and arranged for female students so that they may learn and get more confidence.